Promotional image for Commuters in Hartlepool racked up over 2,200 miles of greener journeys in January

Commuters in Hartlepool racked up over 2,200 miles of greener journeys in January

In January commuters in Hartlepool were given a five day challenge to find and use a greener, healthier way to travel to and from work.

More than 253 sustainable journeys were recorded over 5 days

This included more than 254 miles walked to and from work, bus journeys totalling 476 miles, car sharing of almost 1,000 miles. 

The aim of the Commuter Challenge, which runs in rotation across the Tees Valley, is to reduce the number of single occupancy car journeys being done in the region, especially on local trips.

You can get to work without a car or by car-sharing - the simple message

“The message for the Hartlepool Commuter Challenge was simple,” says Tony Davison, Sustainable Travel Officer at Hartlepool Borough Council, “you can get to and from work without a car. If you drive, you don’t need to do it alone.”

Karen with her vouchers at the bus stop in HartlepoolHe went on to say, “Around 4 out of 5 cars commuting to and from work have only one person in them, and almost half of car journeys are under 2 miles. Walking was by far the most popular (and cheapest) option chosen during the challenge which is great to see.”

In total 2,209 miles were recorded across the 5 day challenge, run as part of the Local Motion project in conjunction with the Hartlepool Active Travel Hub, with participants entered into a draw for prizes of up to £100 in vouchers.

What participants had to say:

Winner of one of the £100 vouchers, Karen Mason said, “I found the challenge easy because public transport is so easy to use. It is easy to get a bus at the stop that is not far from my house and runs every 10 minutes. I saved money on a weekly bus pass and could relax on the way to work.”

Car sharing was offered as one alternative to coming to work alone in a car.

Colleagues car share to work in Hartlepool

Ruth Robinson, who took part in the challenge and wants to travel more sustainably in future said, “Even if more people just car shared it would make a massive difference to our roads. Almost all the cars we passed on the A19 had only one person in them. No wonder the roads are all choked.”


The next Tees Valley Commuter Challenge will run in Redcar and Cleveland in March. Businesses that would like to get involved are asked to contact Alex Kay at Local Motion 01325 40 50 40.


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