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Where to get bus maps and timetables

Most bus services in the Tees Valley are run by commercial operators who provide timetables and route information specific to their services.

If you’re looking for a particular timetable and you know the bus operator of the service, we recommend that you visit their website or contact them directly.

A list of all the bus services operating in the Tees Valley and bus maps can be found on our sister site Connect Tees Valley [external link].

Hard copies of the bus maps can be found in local bus and train stations, libraries, tourist information and leisure centres.

If you are looking for a bus map and can't find it please do give us a call on 01325 405040.

Live bus information

Many have an app that you can download to your smart phone to keep up with your bus service wherever you are.

Live bus timetable information for the main bus companies operating in the area can also be found on Connect Tees Valley [external link].

To find the best ticket try our ticket finder tool.

Contactless payment is now available on many buses which means it is even easier to catch the bus.

No matter how often you travel by bus, there is a ticket to suit every journey. Consider buying a weekly, monthly or annual ticket if you commute regularly as these tickets offer huge savings compared to the cost of a standard single or return fare.  

If there are more of you traveling, family tickets are available that allow unlimited travel for up to 2 adults and 3 children.

There are also discounted tickets available for students and young people.

Find out more about concessionary fares and bus ticket types. [external link]

Combined bus & rail cards

If you're traveling by train to/from many Tees Valley stations then you can buy a rail PLUSBUS ticket [external link].

These tickets allow you to travel in the area you are going to/from at a discounted price. 

Multi-operator bus travel

If you are travelling between our towns by bus you might need to hop on and off buses run by different bus companies.

The Smartzone TeesRider pass allows unlimited bus travel on buses run by Arriva North East, Go North East and Stagecoach in the Tees Valley.

North East bus travel beyond the Tees Valley

If you’re planning a day out in the region, then you can purchase an Explorer North East ticket [external link]. This ticket permits one day's travel throughout the region on many local bus services, Tyne & Wear Metro and the Shields Ferry.

With family tickets available, it can also be a cheaper option for a family day out. 

Depending on how often you travel and the type of ticket you need, there are a number of different ways you can purchase your ticket:

  • On the bus – many tickets can be purchased directly from the driver when you board the bus, including standard single and return tickets; daily and weekly passes; and family saver tickets.
  • Online – high-value tickets like monthly and annual season tickets can be purchased directly from many bus operator websites. 
  • On your mobile – selected tickets can be bought through mobile ticketing, including weekly, monthly and annual season tickets, student and family saver tickets at a discount.

For ticketing, timetable and journey planning by bus visit the Connect Tees Valley website [external link].

If you have reached the pensionable age applicable to a woman or are eligible disabled you may qualify to travel free of charge anywhere in England between 9:30 am and 11:00 pm on weekdays and at any time on weekends and bank holidays, using a concessionary bus pass. 

Grandparents and grandchild on the bus

For further information and to apply for concessionary bus passes please contact your local council.  You can find the contact numbers here [external link].

The Tees Valley has an extensive bus network linking many of the major residential, business and shopping areas.  Travelling by bus has never been easier.   

Save money

Using the bus instead of the car for some journeys can save money on fuel and parking charges. Some bus users have found that by giving up their car entirely they are over £150 a month better off.

Try the journey price calculator to gain an idea of how much it costs to travel by car.

Journey Price Calculator 

Lose weight and get fit

Walking to and from the bus stop counts towards the 30 active minutes we are advised to do each day in order to avoid putting on weight and stay fit and healthy.

Free up your time

Travelling on the bus gives you more ‘me’ time. There are lots of things you can do travelling on the bus that you can’t do whilst driving. You can read, listen to music, play games on your phone or just sit back and relax.

Many buses now have plug points and Wi-Fi so you can catch up with friends on social media or check your emails before you get into the office.  

Reduce stress levels 

Taking the bus is proven to be 33% less stressful than driving (University of Sussex). By avoiding driving in bad weather or fighting through traffic jams, it's a good way to start and end the day more relaxed.   

Help look after the environment

Did you know that one bus carries the same number of people as 30 cars and uses 10 times less space? Using the bus instead of the car can help to reduce our carbon footprint and also contribute to a much cleaner, greener environment by limiting the number of cars on the road. 

More reasons to make the switch to taking the bus at Greener Journeys

Our friends at Greener Journeys have some great facts about taking the bus...have a look [external link].

How to contact your bus company

You can find up to date contact details for bus companies operating in the Tees Valley here. [external site] 

Questions or comments regarding the operation of a local bus service should be made direct to the relevant bus company. 

From 1 January 2014, the Department for Transport (DfT) have paid an annual grant to Local Authorities in England (including Darlington) to replace the “Bus Service Operators' Grant” for tendered services which, up until this time, had been paid direct to the bus operators.

As part of the grant conditions, Darlington is required to report on how they have made use of these funds by completing a short survey issued by the DfT, details of which can be found below.

Darlington Borough Council BSOG Report 2017

All buses in Darlington and South Durham are low floor easy access, which means that the bus "kneels" down level to the kerb making it easy to board the bus with a mobility scooter or if you are travelling with children in a pushchair.

With a bit of preparation and planning, people with a disability can travel safely and with confidence on the bus.              

There are a range of resources that can help you prepare to travel. For general advice and articles about travelling on public transport with a disability you may find the Disabled Travel Advice [external link]  site helpful.

Before you travel, it is advisable to check that the bus route you wish to take is accessible.  For more information about whether your service is accessible contact the relevant bus company directly. Bus company contact information is found here.

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